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Kathak Mahotsav Canada | Access

This was my first time doing videography for this festival and it was an absolute pleasure.  Until now I wasn’t familiar with the art of Kathak Dance.  The Artistic Director Rina Singha is working so hard to keep this traditional dance alive and you could see right away how passionate she was about her work.  The festival is a collection of different dancers and choreographers and each one brings their own style and passion for the art to stage.  I was captivated from the moment I started until the very last performance.

Bowen/Gale Wedding | Access

I am always happy to see people in love.  I love the glimmer in their eyes when newly-weds look at each other at the alter.  When I looked at Marsha and Sheldon on their wedding day I could see pure joy and passion as they recited the words that would bind them together.  Family and friends cheering as the priest proclaims their union to the world, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room!  I am so grateful to take part in these moments in a couples lives, when love is filling their hearts, what a beautiful journey it is!

Volunteer Toronto | Access

I love to see a team that works to better the lives of the people in their community. This is how I feel when working with the team at Volunteer Toronto. The events I photograph for this organization are always a delight to be a part of. They celebrate the good work and big hearts of the people in our city who strive to maintain the reputation we have as Canadians, to give back and help others.